Retrieving a Previous SessionΒΆ

Every session that is submitted and run can be quickly retrieved without the need to re-run the entire analysis again. These sessions are saved for 7 days or longer.

To do so, you must copy and store the session ID string that is given at the top right corner of the output page. An example is shown below.

session input field

To retrieve the session, simply click on the Session ID button on the main page.

session ID button

And then paste the session ID string in the input form and click submit.

session ID page

As an example, you can try submitting session ID 0d074aff-76f4-42ab-87ef-5e2fa34b04e8

The example above will bring the plots associated with the GWAS association results for meconium ileus, a complication in cystic fibrosis patients where newborns experience bowel obstruction at birth due to thick meconium, and assesses the SLC26A9 gene eQTLs for each relevant digestive tract tissue from GTEx (version 7). The heatmap provides an overview of the strength of colocalization using the Simple Sum p-value across the digestive tissues and all the genes found within 1 Mbp of the top SNP in the region.